Wait! Before You Update To iOS 13….

Have you backed up your iPhone to iCloud or to a computer? It happens every fall: Right on the heels of Apple announcing another $1,000 phone, the company releases a major operating system update that make even older iPhones feel refreshed.  This time of year has been dubbed “The Crashing” here at the shop.If the software crashes during an iOS 13…


Ransomware – Pay to get your data back?

ran·som·ware /ˈransəmˌwer/ noun    a type of malicious software(virus) designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. MALicious softWARE   Has your computer been locked with an encryption, an now you cannot access any of the data on your network? Now some sort of message like the image featured is popping up and…


iOS 13 Comes With New Updates – Dark Mode & Undo Gesture

New Changes for Safari, Mail & Multitasking also speculated. According to 9-5 Mac & Engadget, rumors are already spreading about what the latest iOS update will entail. -Dark Mode and Multitasking-Undo gesture, Safari improvements, and font management-Smarter Mail, improved multiple item selection-New Volume HUD and other changes


Apple confirms T2 security chip affects third-party repairs of new Macs

Apple’s annual October hardware event wrapped last month with the announcements of a new MacBook Air and a revamped Mac mini. Both computers, like the newest MacBook Pro and last year’s iMac Pro, come with Apple’s security-focused T2 chip. The T2 chips introduction to Mac devices creates concerns & issues for third party repairs. The T2 is “a guillotine that [Apple…


Samsung Phones Randomly Send Pics To People In Your Phone Book

Have some risky photos on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 8? You could be in danger of unknowingly sending said photos to random people. With Samsung’s newest update there is a bug that is randomly sending photos in your gallery to people in your phone book. The bug is only in the Samsung stock messaging app. The reason this…


iPhone 8 Battery Stuck On 1%

Is your iPhone 8 battery stuck on 1% ? Have you recently changed your iPhone 8 Screen? Does your battery life indicator stay on 1% regardless of if it’s plugged in to charge? It’s not a problem with your battery. It’s a problem with your iPhone’s motherboard, a microchip has been damaged. Don’t panic, we can fix it! We offer…


Aftermarket Vs. Original Screen Replacement

Looking to get your screen replaced? There’s some inside industry tips that you should know. Most places don’t offer two different types of screens, but here at Wireless Planet, we do! There’s not much difference in the functionality of the screens – both of them work great! The main difference is in the display the original is an OLED (organic…


iPhone 7 or 7 Plus Microphone Not Working?

Some iPhone 7 or 7 Plus’s running iOS 11.3 may have an issue with the speaker phone. According to documents obtained by Mac Rumors earlier this month, ” From an internal document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple said affected customers may experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls. The issue may also prevent affected customers from being…


(PRODUCT)RED iPhone Released Today

According to Apple, “All (PRODUCT)RED Purchases Help Provide Testing, Counseling and Treatment for Tens of Millions of People Living with HIV/AIDS” which is a great cause.


iOS 11.3 Release Fixes Slow iPhones

  Remember when Apple confirmed that it had been slowing down older iPhone’s to save battery life and prevent shutdowns creating outrage with iPhone users? Apple just released iOS 11.3 which allows you to turn off this so called setting if you choose to. There is now a setting called Battery Health Tool available in the latest update which tells…