iOS 11.3 Release Fixes Slow iPhones


Remember when Apple confirmed that it had been slowing down older iPhone’s to save battery life and prevent shutdowns creating outrage with iPhone users?

Apple just released iOS 11.3 which allows you to turn off this so called setting if you choose to. There is now a setting called Battery Health Tool available in the latest update which tells you how well your battery is functioning & if the speed-slowing power management feature is on – if it is on you have the option to turn it off. The catch is the feature can be turned back on if Apple detects your device being turned off due to battery health issues.

Find out your battery health on iPhone 6’s and above by accessing the Settings menu and then Battery.

We can also test your battery here at the shop for free, and if it needs to be swapped out, replace it for you in about 15 minutes. Check out our iPhone repair page to book an appointment or feel free to just walk in!

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