Samsung Phones Randomly Send Pics To People In Your Phone Book

Have some risky photos on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 8? You could be in danger of unknowingly sending said photos to random people.

With Samsung’s newest update there is a bug that is randomly sending photos in your gallery to people in your phone book. The bug is only in the Samsung stock messaging app. The reason this is happening is currently unknown. According to Gizmodo, “The scariest part about this bug is that when Samsung Messages bugs out sends pics to other people, it reportedly doesn’t leave any evidence of it doing so, which means people may not know their photos have been released into the wild until it’s too late.”

According to Samsung their techs teams are looking into it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact Samsung directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

There are also two temporary fixes you can do on your Samsung phone.

The first option is to go into your app settings and revoke Samsung Messages’ ability to access storage. This will prevent Samsung Messages from sending photos or anything else stored on your phone.

The second option is to download a different text messaging app. We suggest GBoard – which is Google’s keyboard. Since the bug is only in Samsung’s stock text app, thus far, using a different messaging app could save face if you’re worried about sensitive photos being broad cast to acquaintances.

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