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Mesh networks utilize a routing technique known as “multi-hopping.” In this technique, data is passed from one node to another until it reaches its intended destination. Unlike traditional networks, where data flows through a single path, mesh networks offer multiple paths for data transmission, increasing reliability and coverage.

When a node receives data, it evaluates the best route to transmit it based on factors such as signal strength and network congestion. If one path becomes congested or fails, the node automatically reroutes the data through an alternative path, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Advantages of a mesh network:

  1. Increased reliability: Mesh networks are highly resilient as they can automatically reroute data, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even if a node fails or a path becomes congested. This redundancy makes mesh networks ideal for critical applications and areas with limited infrastructure.
  2. Expanded coverage: With the ability to relay data, mesh networks can extend coverage over a larger area without the need for additional infrastructure. Each node acts as a relay, effectively expanding the network’s reach.
  3. Scalability: Mesh networks are highly scalable since new nodes can be easily added without disrupting the network’s functionality. This flexibility makes them suitable for both small-scale deployments and large-scale networks.
  4. Self-healing: In a mesh network, if a node fails, the network can adapt by rerouting data through other available paths. This self-healing capability ensures that the network remains operational even in the presence of failures.
  5. Optimized Performance: With multiple paths available, mesh networks can distribute network traffic efficiently, preventing congestion and optimizing performance. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios with high data demands or a large number of connected devices.

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