iOS 11 update

iOS 11 became available to download on the iPhone or iPad on 19 September 2017. Here, we bring you everything you need to know about iOS 11 including the latest version, details of problems people are encountering, and recommended fixes.

If you are wondering whether you should install iOS 11, read this. Plus, here’s how to install iOS 11, if you do decide to install it.

Unfortunately sometimes an update to Apple’s operating system can introduce bugs, which we will address below, such as the autocorrect bug that causes the word ‘it’ to be changed to a I.T and ‘is’ to be changed to I.S. and an issue that saw iPhones start to crash at midnight on 2 December. We also have details of a text message bug that could cause your iPhone to crash here: How to avoid the malicious text message could crash your iPhone and Mac. Luckily Apple has issued an update to iOS 11 that addresses that bug already – you can read more below.


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